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What do we need from you to cast one of these spells?

We need your name and date of birth or a picture.  You can email this information to us.

Don't know which spell to go with?  Email us at info@witchcraft-magic-spells.com for a recommendation


10lb Weight Loss Spell - Are you looking to get rid of those 10lbs that you cant lose?  This spell will eliminate those last few pounds that you are struggling to lose.



25lb Weight Loss Spell - This spell will allow your body to lose 25lbs permanently.  Keep the weight off with ease so it never comes back.



35lb Weight Loss Spell - This spell will help your body lose 35lbs and keep it off. No more struggling with up and down weight loss and gain.



50lb Weight Loss Spell - Are you looking to lose a solid 50lbs and keep it off?  This spell will make that goal a reality.



Customized Weight Loss Spell - Are you looking to lose 50lbs or more and keep it off?  This spell will be customized to produce the desired weight loss.


"I have always been overweight. My weight had made me feel very bad about myself, and the name calling was hurtful. I tried many things to lose the weight. My friend Amanda had a weight lost spell done by Marcy. I thought I would try the weight lost spells cause my friend lost 40 pounds. Once I ordered the weight lost spells, I have lost 65 pounds and am still losing. I recommend the weight spell." Marie

"Thank you Marcy I have lost 45 pounds. The weight lost spells was the only thing that worked at getting the weight off from my second child birth.  When nothing else worked I had faith that a weight loss spell would do the trick and it did!" Faith

"My husband has been been overweight for the last ten years. He tried all kinds of diets that did not work. I ordered the weight lost spell and my husband did not know that I ordered the spell and he started to lose weight and he lost 30 pounds, he is very happy and so am I!" Mary 

"I have struggled with my weight throughout the years.  My doctor told me it was genetic and could have bypass surgery to correct the problem.  I have a fear of surgery and did not want to go that route. A co-worker recommended Marcy because she helped bring her husband back to her, so I thought I would try a weight loss spell to see if it could work.  I lost 105lbs and still going!  I have more energy and can do the things that I want with my kids now.  Everyone is so proud of me and I feel renewed." Jennifer

"I am back in size 6. I owe it all to Marcy. The weight lost spell is the best! Thank you again Marcy" Annie

"After giving birth to three children I could not get the last 20lbs off. One of my friends lost 60lbs and I asked her how she did it. She made me swear to secrecy when she told me about www.witchcraft-magic-spells.com. I thought it was funny and did not take it seriously. Then a week later my friend offered to pay for it and I gave it a go. I lost more than the 20lbs that I was struggling to lose and have kept it off since we started 9 months ago. I stand corrected and am very confident in the abilities of Marcy and her coven." Sadie