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What do we need from you to cast one of these spells?

We generally need your picture or name and date of birth.  If there is another person involved with your spell we will need their information as well.

Don't know which spell to go with?  Email us at info@witchcraft-magic-spells.com for a recommendation

1.  How long do your spells take to work?

Answer: They all take between 24 hours and 3 months to produce results.


2.  After I place my order what do I do?

Answer:  Email us details about your case and we will confirm everything before we begin your casting.


3.  Do your spells work on gay people too?

Answer:  Yes our spells work for everyone regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.


4.  What information do you need from me to cast a spell on my behalf?

Answer:  We use pictures and/or names and birth dates.  You can email all of this to us.


5.  Do your spells really work?

Answer:  Yes our spells are very effective.  If you are not satisfied with your results please let us know and we will accommodate you.


6.  Do any of your spells go against my religion?

Answer:  Since we are the ones casting the spell you do not need to worry about conflicting religious beliefs.  You do not need to change anything about your personal beliefs in order for a spell to work.


7.  What type of magic do you use?

Answer:  We only use white magic.  It is 100% safe and no one ever has to worry about anything bad happening to them as a result of a spell that we do.


8.  I can not process my payment. What should I do?

Answer:  Call paypal directly and tell them that you are having problems processing your payment.  They will be able to tell you what to do to fix the problem. They can be reached at 402-935-2000 or 888-221-1161.