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What do we need from you to cast one of these spells?

We generally need your picture or name and date of birth.  If there is another person involved with your spell we will need their information as well.

Don't know which spell to go with?  Email us at info@witchcraft-magic-spells.com for a recommendation


Find out if you have a curse on you - Have you ever wondered if someone has done some spell work against you?  Find out now with this ritual.  We will give you as much detail as we can find out.  Sometimes we are are able to tell exactly who it was, and other times we are not.



Negative Energy Removal - Do you have a lot of built up negative energy around you?  You may and not even know it.  This will remove all bad energies that effect your day to day life.  




Complete Curse Removal - Have you had a curse on you for a long time and you just want it gone?  Even if you do not know where it originated from we can remove it. 




Customized Curse Removal - Is your situation unique and you want the strongest curse removal possible?  This will be 100% customized to fit your needs. 


"I started suspecting that a curse had been placed on me by my ex-boyfriend after we broke up.  Too many things started going wrong all at once and I knew that he had done curses on people before.  After I had the complete curse removal done everything slowed down and got back to normal.  I searched for days online to find the right person to do the curse removal and I knew when I saw your website that you were going to be the one to do it.  I rely on my intitution and it has never steered me in the wrong direction yet!" Glenda

"I could not take the pressure of the negative energy that surrounded me at work any longer.  Everything was always going wrong and everyone around me was down right cruel.  I would come home every day and cry myself to sleep.  I had the negative energy removal cast and it all went away.  I have never been so uplifted before in my life and I now feel normal and happy again.  I can not focus on other areas of my life." Uma

"My father told me that we have a generational curse on our family which is why we can not succeed in life.  I did not believe him for a long time until it started showing up in my life.  I did not know where to go to have it removed but when I found your website I knew I had to try the curse removal.  We have not had any problem since and everyone in my family has experienced positive changes since the curse has been removed.  I am going to recommend your services to everyone that I know!" William